Q & A for interested dancers and their families:

When and where are auditions held and is there a fee?

Auditions will be held Sunday, June 8, 2023 (4:00) and Thursday June 27 (6:30) at Michigan Youth Ballet Theatre School, 8742 Ferry St. Montague, MI 49437

June 8 (Sunday)- Registration is at 3:30, auditions for dancers begins at 4:00. Ages 5-8 will audition from 4-4:30. Ages 9 and up will audition from 4:30-5:30.
June 27 (Thursday)- Registration is at 5:30, auditions for dancers begins at 6:00. Ages 5-8 will audition from 6:00-6:30. August 9 and up will audition from 6:30-7:30.

Please arrive in dancewear or close fitting but flexible clothing, hair in a bun for girls and away from face for boys. The audition fee is included in the total cost. No prior training is required to audition.

♦ Who can audition?

Any dancer in the West Michigan area may audition regardless of their home studio. No prior dance training is required, but dancers must enroll in ballet classes at the studio of their choice for the fall semester. Technique must be learned in a ballet class as only choreography is taught during Nutcracker rehearsals.

♦ When will I know what parts I will perform?

The cast list will be announced the week prior to the Nutcracker Intensive in August. Dancers can expect to be cast for a minimum of two parts for the production.

♦ What are the costs to participate in the MYBT Nutcracker and when are they due?

The participation fee for the Nutcracker is $200. This fee is due at auditions along with your commitment to be part of the production. This fee covers all costume use and rehearsal hours.

♦ Is there fundraising involved, and is it required?

All MYBT fundraising is optional, but we do have incentives for those that participate. In the past we have held a fall mum sale, sold program ads, and held give-a-way raffles at our performances. All funds help support the mission of the MYBT to provide young people in West Michigan with a premiere ballet company experience, which includes advanced training and performance opportunities.

♦ When is Nutcracker Intensive and who should attend?

Nutcracker intensive is held the week of August 12-16 at Michigan Youth Ballet School. It is required for dancers cast in all lead rolls and scenes including Snow, Flowers, Merletones, Arabian, Spanish, Chinese. All other dancers will be “on-call” for at least 1-2 rehearsals during the intensive. Dancers required to attend will be notified several weeks before the intensive so that they may plan to be there. Intensive will take place from 9am to 3pm with a break for lunch.

♦ What will rehearsals look like and when will they be?

Rehearsals will take place at Michigan Youth Ballet School on Sunday afternoons & evenings. A schedule will be posted after the intensive to show which parts will be called to rehearsal for each week leading up to dress rehearsal.

♦ What is the absence/missed rehearsal policy?

Attendance is expected for all intensives & rehearsals, however if you are sick or have other extenuating circumstances, please call Sean prior to rehearsal to clear your absence with them. If you have conflicts with any rehearsal dates, please let us know as soon as possible prior to the date of rehearsal. Excessive absences and/or no-show may cause you to be recast or pulled from the performance.

♦ When is dress rehearsal and what do I need to do to be ready?

Dress rehearsal will be the Friday evening of show weekend. All dancers MUST attend and be “performance ready” with hair and makeup as many of our performance photos are taken during this run-through. Plan to be at the auditorium for several hours. Please have your dancer bring water and small, healthy, non-staining snacks for downtimes. Dancers may not eat while in costume.

♦ When is performance weekend and what are the expectations?

Performance weekend is the first weekend in December. Load in will be Wednesday evening, Tech rehearsal Thursday evening, dress rehearsal Friday evening, and performances Saturday , and Sunday
Dance families should plan to volunteer to help load in on Wednesday if they are available.
Dancers are required to attend with at least one family member for dress rehearsal. Arrive “stage ready” in full hair and makeup to start rehearsal at . Younger dancers may need assistance with costume changes and curtain calls. All backstage volunteers should wear black and soft soled shoes.
Dress rehearsal will be a full run through of the entire performance and may take several hours. Please have your dancer bring water and small, healthy, non-staining snacks for downtimes. Dancers may not eat while in costume.
Performance days require that older dancers (level 3+) arrive in full hair and makeup 1.5 hrs prior to curtain to warm up and get into their first costume. Younger dancers should arrive in full hair and makeup 1 hr prior to curtain to get into their first costume. Saturday between performances all dancers must stay at the auditorium. Food and drinks will be provided. Snacks
from home are allowed as long as they are healthy and not sicky/goey/messy/staining. Eating in costume is not allowed.

♦ Will there be professional photos taken and how can I order?

Jennifer Green Photography will set a date for individual photos in the costume of your choice. This will be announced several weeks in advance, but usually falls on Holiday Walk weekend so that we can coordinate the shoot with other events. Performance photos will be made available as a digital download through Jennifer Green Photography’s website a few weeks after the show.

♦ Will the performance be video recorded and how can I get a copy of the DVD?

David Loring Video has been recording our performances for many years and does a great job capturing the entire performance along with little behind the scenes action from our dancers as they prepare back stage. These DVD’s can be pre-ordered during rehearsals or purchased when they come in for $25 each.

If you have any additional questions that we haven’t covered here, please feel free to reach out to our Board via email. michiganyouthballet@gmail.com